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61st Cherry Blossom Festival Court


On March 30, 2013, a new Cherry Blossom Festival Queen and Court were crowned. The Cherry Blossom Festival and Hawaii Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce proudly presents our 61st Cherry Blossom Festival Queen and Court:

Queen – Crystine Hisae Ito
First Princess – Lori Hiroko Higashi
Princess – Misha Nicole Yurie Maletta
Princess – Leila Tomoyo Mitsunaga
Princess – Kellene Noenoelani Sasano
Miss Congeniality – Eryn Akemi Kawamoto
Miss Popularity – Ashley Michiko Higa


Left to right: Miss Popularity Ashley Higa, Princess Misha Maletta, First Princess Lori Higashi, Queen Crystine Ito, Princess Kellene Sasano, Princess Leila Mitsunaga and Miss Congeniality Eryn Kawamoto

Crystine Hisae Ito has been selected by a panel of esteemed judges as the 61st Cherry Blossom Festival Queen. Crystine is the daughter of Carlton and Carol Ann Ito. She is currently a records management analyst.


Contestant Reception

Golf Tournament

Festival Ball

Perpetuating Japanese Culture and the Lives of Young Women

The Cherry Blossom Festival holds the honor of being one of the longest, continually running ethnic festival in the State of Hawai‘i – originally started in 1953.

While times have evolved, the purpose of the Festival continues to be the perpetuation of Japanese culture, and to enrich the lives of young women of Japanese ancestry.

Over the past 61 years the Festival has touched the lives of many.

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Be the next Cherry Blossom Queen!

To be eligible as a Queen Contestant Candidate, applicants must:

*Have at least 50% Japanese ancestry.
*Be a United States citizen and Hawaii resident.
*Be female by birth.
*Be at least 19 years of age
*Be a high school graduate.

For more information, email 62cbf.contestantsearch@gmail.com.