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Voices of the Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival was created to perpetuate the Japanese culture and to enrich the lives of young Japanese-American women. It has since grown into one of the longest continually running ethnic festival in the State of Hawaii. Over the past 58 years the Cherry Blossom Festival has touched the lives of many, especially the 972 women it has called contestants. Read how their experience with the Festival has impacted their lives:

Through the Cherry Blossom Festival, I have gained knowledge about my culture, lasting friendships and a passion to give back to a community who has given me so much. But the one lesson I will cherish is gaining self-confidence. The Festival has taught me how to stand with poise in front of a crowd of a thousand people and speak from the heart.

Tanya Masunaga, 57th CBF Miss Congeniality

I've met so many different people...and a lot of them become lifetime friends, just from this experience.

Sydette Nekota, 50th CBF Contestant

Cherry Blossom Festival] really helped to develop my passion for what I like to do now, which is community service work. And it started then, from the time I was involved with the Festival...and it continues to be a really big part of my life now.

Gail Koide Marumoto, 31st CBF Queen

I think the one thing I took away from my experience running in the Cherry Blossom Festival were the friendships I had made...and to this day we still meet for Christmas and birthdays and baby luaus now, and wedding showers. And I feel that that was the most rewarding part of the experience that I walked away with.

Catherine Toth, 49th CBF Queen & Miss Congeniality

I really gained a sense of belief in myself. Before the Festival I was just afraid to speak in front of people and to share my values with others. I really felt that the Cherry Blossom Festival helped me to gain a sense of self and confidence and a belief that I CAN do it.

Jill Koide, 52nd CBF Contestant

I do remember the happy times that we had, the fellowship that was more a journey fellowship, not the end result, not necessarily thinking about the win but thinking about the experiences we had together...I look back on the Festival as being one, again, of the very happy moments in my life.

Paula Miyashiro Kurashige, 11th CBF 1st Princess & Miss Congeniality


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Perpetuating Japanese Culture and the Lives of Young Women

The Cherry Blossom Festival holds the honor of being one of the longest, continually running ethnic festival in the State of Hawai‘i – originally started in 1953.

While times have evolved, the purpose of the Festival continues to be the perpetuation of Japanese culture, and to enrich the lives of young women of Japanese ancestry.

Over the past 63 years the Festival has touched the lives of many.

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Be the next Cherry Blossom Queen!

To be eligible as a Queen Contestant Candidate, applicants must:

*Have at least 50% Japanese ancestry.
*Be a United States citizen and Hawaii resident.
*Be female by birth.
*Be at least 19 years of age
*Be a high school graduate.

For more information, email cbfhawaii.contestantsearch@gmail.com.